GMP Hunt for ambulance thief








Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is hunting a thief who broke into an ambulance and stole expensive medical equipment.

The theft took place earlier this month, when the ambulance car was left parked outside a patient’s house on Barlow Road, Levenshume.

The offender who was unseen managed to break into the unattended car, stealing some specialist medical equipment before making their escape.

It was revealed that they stole a EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System, a piece of equipment used to drill into bones, worth £300 and six drill bits worth £100 each.

“This is a specialist piece of equipment and there is very little chance that the person who stole this item knows what it is used for, or even how much it is worth”, Detective Constable Victoria Pickersgill said.

“Chances are the thief will be looking to sell this item, which is in a bright yellow plastic case.

“As you will able to see from the image, this drill is very recognisable and I would like to ask anyone who may have been offered this piece of equipment to come forward”.

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