Good news inspires…

Good news really does inspire

The Canadian media expert Marshall McLuhan said ‘all media exists to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values’.

Now I must confess that I am a media, news and current affairs junkie. I read a variety of newspapers, watch the news on different channels, follow news organisations on social media etc. So, it’s fair to say that I am hooked. One of my daughters said to me ’dad, how can you watch this stuff, it’s so depressing’.

If I am being honest, she is probably right. We are bombarded with bad news. Hour after hour, day after day we are subjected to a constant flow of misery and negativity. If true, why is the news media so captivating to many people, and what impact does it have on us? Surely there are good things happening in the world?

Some might say that we have been programmed to accepting.  We geared towards wanting to hear and see bad news because there is a monetary value in promoting it.

 What does it say about us?

The reality is that bad news sells and we like it. We have a morbid fascination with regards to tragedy and disaster. Strangely, we like to witness catastrophe from the comfort of our TV’s, newspapers, phones and computers. We just can’t look away.

Nevertheless, how does bad news affect us? I strongly believe that the regular consumption of bad news seeps into our consciousness.  It makes us scared, anxious, stressed and agitated. If we are not careful, it will teach us how to hate ourselves and hate each other. However, doesn’t the media have a greater responsibility to be more balanced?

Why not use all that power and exposure to inspire, raise hope, solve problems and make people happy? Imagine the difference it would make.

We must remember that we ultimately have the power. Collectively, we can switch off or turn over. We can unplug from the Matrix; focusing on the media that is more balanced. We should look to news that inspires us to be better and do better.

We have the power, let’s take it back and use it properly. Bad news may sell, but good news sure does inspire.

Stay focused and stay blessed.

David Okoro

Photo Credit: Jeff Djevdet

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