Gorton trio jailed for running illegal business

Three individuals from Gorton have been jailed for importing and selling ‘sick and moribund’ puppies to unsuspecting members of the public.

30-year-old Julian King has been jailed for six months whilst 32-year-old Peter Jones and Grace Banks, 28, have both been jailed for 5 five months. In total the gang sold over 1,200 puppies and reportedly earned up to £35,000 per week. All of the prosecuted individuals have been banned from keeping animals for life following the case hearing at Manchester’s Magistrates Court.

The RSPCA and police investigations discovered that buyers received ill and disease-ridden puppies after being told that they were buying healthy puppies. Investigations also revealed that some of the deceased puppies that were found at the trio’s property in Stockport were disposed of in wheelie bins and in a car.

The RSPCA stated that the defendants provided buyers with believable ‘kennel registration’ folders, which contained falsely created paperwork.

Prior to setting up the illegal business both Jones and King were banned for keeping dogs for ten years after previously being prosecuted by the RSPCA for animal cruelty offences. Each of the three prosecuted have received fines for breaching the ban as King was ordered to pay £2,500, Jones must pay £2,100 and Grace Banks has been ordered to pay a sum of £4,500. At the hearing on Friday District Judge James Prowse said, “The defendants had deliberately lied about the origins of the puppies. All three treated living creatures as nothing more than a commodity and they did everything in their power to try and maximize profits”.

Grace Banks attempted to keep her identity veiled throughout the construction and development of the scheme, as she utilised the false names Holly Saxon and Sarah Connor. Her brother Julian King went by the name of Thomas Spencer whilst King’s childhood friend Peter Jones re-named himself Marco Emme and Michael Emme. A group of six people from Greater Manchester were arrested and consequently jailed for the running of a very similar business in early August.

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