Government slammed over repayment delays after Manchester attack

Government criticised over delay in reimbursements after Manchester attack

The government’s “delay” in paying “over £17m” in extra costs after the Manchester bombing has been criticised. The criticism has come from the city’s officials.

Financial support was promised after the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena, the city’s council said.

Councillor Pat Karney released a statement. She said social care funds had been used to make up for £9m spent by the council and health bodies.

A government spokesman said it was “considering requests very carefully”.

Councillor Sue Murphy, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, has asked for support. “We would certainly be grateful for more support than we have had so far. [We] are increasingly concerned about the delay, but discussions with government are ongoing.”

Speaking at a council meeting on Thursday, Councillor John Flanagan, executive member for finance, released a statement. “The cost implications for ourselves, the police and health are over £17m.”

He added: “We now have a government that doesn’t carry out its primary role”.

The role “is to look after its citizens at their time of need despite their offers of help.”

He said council leader Sir Richard Leese had written to the prime minister, adding: “She has promised to look into it and nothing has happened.

“The Chancellor of the Exchequer has been asked to help and nothing has happened – I’m at a bit of a loss”.

Meanwhile, up to £3m from a fund for victims of the Manchester attack is to be given to those with psychological injuries.

The cash from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund will go to those who were in the foyer of the Arena.

It is the first time cash from the fund has been made available to those without physical injuries.

Up to 300 people could be eligible to receive a payment of £10,000.

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