Great British Bake Off: Rahul win proves controversial among fans

This year’s Great British Bake Off winner Rahul has proven a controversial choice with some viewers.

The 30-year-old research scientist from Rotherham won this

Kim-Joy managed to come first in the technical challenge – baking pitta bread on an open fire – with fans calling for “justice for Kim-Joy” and accusing producers of fixing the result.

Judges had criticised her final showstopper, the creation meant to be the Lost City Of Atlantis, made of ginger cake and biscuit with a salted caramel-filled well and fondant seahorses.

Judge Paul Hollywood called the creation “a little bit flat” while Prue Leith said: “I think you would have been wise to do a different flavour because the ginger cake is so ginger-y the biscuit is a bit of disappointment after, it’s a missed opportunity.”

However, viewers were irate she did not triumph, and one fan wrote on Twitter: “It’s a FIX Justice for Kim-Joy. GET THE PITCHFORKS. NOW WE RIOT.”

Another said: “What an absolute fix, he should have been out weeks ago, Kim-Joy was the most consistent all competition but lost because she had too many ginger elements??”

One fan wrote: “Kim Joy was robbed. What a total fix,” while another added: “Well, that’s me done with Bake Off then. Has any contestant in the history of the show been as lucky as Rahul was a couple of weeks ago? I don’t want to call it a fix but … yeah, feels like a fix.”

Meanwhile, many others were elated at the choice of Rahul being crowned the winner of the series. Lucy Mangan wrote for The Guardian: “The most joyful thing about this series of The Great British Bake Off – apart, possibly, from Kim-Joy herself – was that as we entered the final, the average viewer would have been equally content whichever of the three remaining competitors won.”

The Mirror’s Ian Hyland wrote: “As well as being a great baker, Rahul was a great story.

“The timorous immigrant boy who decided the best way to learn about his new home was to bake his way through its history and customs. You can hear the orchestra tuning up already.”

We at TNT News congratulate Rahul on his win and applaud him for his effortless geeky humility which melted many hearts and won him the nation’s attention.

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