Greater Manchester Community Basketball impacts positively

Manchester’s positive community basketball

Greater Manchester Community Basketball is a charity which has created basketball opportunities since the late nineties.

TNT spoke to Phil Gordos, the Chief Executive of the Charity, who told us more about the organisation. The organisation is dedicated to providing basketball opportunities to a diverse range of groups.

Although the charity is called Greater Manchester Community Basketball, the clubs are known as Manchester Magic and Manchester Mystics. The inspirational charity is both a “community program” and an “elite” basketball program.

Phil said, “We started as a community program but because our coaching was so good we started entering teams in national competitions and we started to do well”.

The club win national titles each year and even have an elite senior team.  There are many opportunities for members of the local community to become involved with the organisation.

A “number of community sessions” are held at weekends and during the week. Sessions engage various age groups in sport. Age groups range from Primary school ages to senior ages.

New sessions include a “Walking Basketball” session. This session is suitable for “people who don’t want to run around too much but want to play basketball”.

Promoting equality

The club works to promote equality. The Walking Basketball session ensures that people who may have impairments are included.

At the moment the club do not have any sessions “specifically aimed at disabled groups”. However, they are “looking at running sessions for children with autism in the very near future”.

The community program encourages members to give back. Refereeing and coaching courses are available. Children and young adults are given “the chance to learn skills that enable them to give back”.

“From a community perspective we want to expand our reach and influence so that we can impact more children and give them more skills”.

The club helps boys and girls go on to play basketball in the United States. Many are currently playing college basketball in the US.

Greater Manchester Community Basketball wants to continue to “impact” positively.

TNT Sport Trishauna Stewart

Photo Credit: Manchester Magic


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