Green Party reveal new EU membership pledge

The Green Party have revealed a new pledge offering voters a ratification referendum with the option to retain EU membership.

Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the party, has offered voters the chance to remain in the EU with a new Brexit pledge.

Under the pledge, voters would have the chance to stay in the EU should they dispute the deal the Government negotiates.

Lucas attended an event at Space Studios in London on Tuesday 2 May to speak to workers and activists.

She said: “A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say
over the major decisions that affect their lives.

“Today we are announcing our intention to push for remaining in the EU to be an option in a ratification referendum”.

The Greens, headed by Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, are the only party to have made a pledge on the topic.

Lucas added: “Whoever wins this election has a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the British people.

“But that does not mean that they have a right to impose a final deal.

“Instead we demand a ratification referendum which gives people the option to remain in the EU or to vote to back the Government’s deal”.

The party have been quick to dismiss claims that this is merely a re-run of the original referendum.

Instead, “this is giving people an informed say over our shared future”, says Lucas.

“Our message is simple. For a final say, and for a chance to vote to stay in the EU, vote Green”.

Hoping to join Lucas in Parliament is Molly Scott Cato, the party’s EU spokesperson and Bristol West candidate.

She said: “Take back control was the strap line which persuaded many to vote leave in the referendum last year.

“It’s now clear what that meant.

“A power grab by the Tory right so they can make a bonfire of regulations which protect our rights and environment.

“A ratification referendum must give back control”.

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Photo Credit: Jwslubbock

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