Green Party’s You Are Welcome fundraising meal

Manchester Green Party have organised an evening of food and discussion on Migration, to fundraise for Manchester Migrant Solidarity (MiSol). The meal will take place on Saturday 28 November between 7pm and 9pm at the Kurdish Centre in Hulme.

A self-help group set up as a convergence space for all migrants including asylum seekers, MiSol offers activities for mutual support, empowerment and solidarity with non-migrants. The purpose focuses on building a powerful political voice against the systematic mistreatment of migrants in the UK.

There will be a full running order of speakers who will cover the following topics ranging from: The Refugee Crisis, Racism and Islamophobia and Attitudes towards migration. Following the Paris attacks, these topics are once again a popular talking point.

Green Party Candidate for Fallowfield, Laura Bannister, felt it was important to organise this event.

“We need more opportunities for different community groups to come together, and openly discuss issues that affect us all. MiSol’s work in Manchester is essential and I wanted Manchester Green Party to show support in a practical way”, Bannister said.

“Working with young Muslims every day, I see the constant pressure that is put on them just for exercising their right to follow a religion. These topics are more relevant now than ever before, and the Green Party are putting the political elite to shame by having their finger on the pulse by engaging and discussing such important issues”, Muhammad Ullah, Muslim chaplain to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, added.

Tanzil Chowdhury, Law PhD student at University of Manchester, also stated that, “The debate around ‘migration’ is hugely misrepresented, because of the absence of colonialism, war and ‘interventions’ as causal factors”.

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