Greens critical of Council’s development plans for Chorlton

The Green Party has responded to Manchester City Council’s proposals for the redevelopment of Chorlton centre. Stating that these do not meet local needs and are a threat to the area’s green spaces and biodiversity.

Issy Patience, Green Party council candidate for Whalley Range stated:

“I question why Manchester City Council is so keen to allow MMU to profit from land that morally shouldn’t even belong to them. They allowed Birley Fields in Hulme to be built over, to the detriment of the local community.  On land that also belonged to the people.

“We call on the Council to promote sustainability and biodiversity in Chorlton. Any housing must be affordable to meet local needs.”

Dr. Nigel Woodcock – Chair of Friends of Longford Park added:

“The Green Party is in favour of sustainable development. We recognise the need for affordable housing in Manchester. However, the current proposals for Chorlton appear to guarantee neither, which leaves me gravely concerned.

I am concerned about MMU’s apparent desire to make money out of land that was bequeathed to the people for sports use. By rights, it should be given back to the people, and biodiversity should be preserved. If there is to be any housing, then I’d suggest the retention of a large green buffer with the park, and only affordable housing should be built.”

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Photo Credit: Green Party

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