Greens third largest party in UK

The number of Green Party members has now surpassed the Liberal Democrats and UKIP – making them the third largest political party standing in the whole of the UK.

The recent increase in membership comes a week after Ofcom ruled that the Greens were not a large enough party to take part in the General Election TV debates.

As a result, 2,000 people joined the party within 24 hours meaning that the Green Party now has over 45, 285 members which is more than the Liberal Democrats (44,680) and UKIP (41,943).

The Green Party website crashed several times as it struggled to keep up with the ‘Green surge’.

Chair of Manchester Green Party, said: “In Manchester, Green membership has trebled since the beginning of 2014. We got the second most votes in the council elections last year. I expect the elections this May well produce some very interesting results.”

Kieran Turner-Dave, Green Party candidate for Manchester Central, commented: “Our policies are becoming really popular with people in the city and around the country, who knows what we could achieve in May.”



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