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Grizzly Adams’ actor Dan Haggerty dies at 74 from cancer







The American actor – Dan Haggerty –, who starred as the bushy-bearded, animal-loving woodsman in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, has died aged 74.

Haggerty rose to fame starring as frontier woodsman Grizzly Adams. For any child of the 70s, Grizzly Adams was a fascinating folk hero.

This bushy-haired Californian woodsman who fled into the Californian mountains after he was wrongly accused of murder, was irresistible to youngsters because he seemed so free from the constraints of normal adult life.

While on the run, he adopts an orphaned grizzly bear and names him Ben.

The actor’s manager Terry Bomar told ABC News that Haggerty had been suffering from cancer.

Before starring as the nature-loving Adams, Haggerty worked as a stuntman and an animal handler in Hollywood.

He also guest starred in numerous TV shows such as “CHiPs,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Love Boat”.

The film became the seventh high-grossing film of 1974 and the NBC network aired a TV series of the same name, which ran from 1977 to 1978.

The film and the TV series were loosely based on the life of James Capen Adams who trained bears in California in the mid-19th Century.

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Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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