Growing Pains – Sexting

With socialising now heavily revolving around social media, a new phenomenon has gripped the UK – sexting. This often-taboo subject is by definition the process of sending sexually explicit texts or images online. However it can have long-lasting consequences.

When I think of sexting, I first think of the exposing pages on social media, where thousands of young people disgustingly insult and make spectacles of other people’s bodies, almost always without consent. These sites sprout from relationships online, where people have put their trust into the wrong hands. This makes something that is private, very public.

For example one of my friends after being called “fat”, “ugly” and even worse on one of these sites, lost all confidence in herself, and recently told me how much she regrets putting herself into that vulnerable position.

In contrast, there is another side to sexting: like another one of my friends mentioned: “It is simply another way to express yourself online”, but she also agreed that it is imperative to fully trust that person first.

When everyone around you is doing it, it’s so easy to find yourself being swept along; however it is important to stay true to your morals to help avoid regrets.

TNT Growing Pains Anna  Seifu


Photo Credit: Pro Juventute

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