G’s Gourmet Kitchen – Review

Located on the bustling Fog Lane in Burnage lays G’s Gourmet Kitchen – a burst of Caribbean flavours, heart and soul.

Walking through the door, what perhaps hits you first the mouth-watering aromas that delicately fill the air.

After a friendly ‘hello’, the mural that stands on the wall before you is attention-grabbing. With bright and decadent colours it delivers a window into the Caribbean. On a drizzly Manchester day, the sandy beach it depicts couldn’t have seemed more inviting.

It comes as no surprise then that G’s Gourmet Kitchen specialises in Caribbean cuisine. Jerk chicken meals are some of the most popular dishes, as well as other Caribbean classics such as curries and steaks.

With its primary function as a takeaway restaurant, G’s Gourmet Kitchen does provide limited seating if you choose to eat in.

TNT’s first dish on the menu was the Jerk Chicken, a classic Caribbean staple. The succulent chicken was beautifully prepared. Bursting with flavour the skin was wonderfully flavoursome. The meat itself was tender and succulent, and made for a delightfully moreish dish.

Served with a side of salad and Caribbean rice and beans, the meal was hearty. Made with coconut cream, salt, sweet peppers and beans, the rice was full of flavour. The crisp cucumber, lettuce leaves and red onion was a refreshing accompaniment.

Next up was the Curry goat dish. Served with same sides, it was the curry itself that stole the show. The curry goat was a true melt-in-mouth moment that I never wanted to end. The succulent meat was enveloped by a rich sauce where the aromatic blend of garlic, ginger, onions and thyme. Fiery notes hit the palette, creating a warm and tingly sensation that is not overpowering.

The ackee and saltfish dish followed. The creamy softness of the ackee was fused with the savoury saltfish . The flavours of the scotch bonnet shone through and made the taste of the onions, garlic and peppers that the dish was sautéed with shine through.

The portion sizes on offer make G’s Gourmet Kitchen excellent value for money. It’s no wonder that the family-run business received a steady flow of business on our visit. With prices ranging from £2.80-£6.80, G’s Gourmet Kitchen proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get a taste of the Caribbean.

Food ****

Service ***

Ambience **

TNT Food Alexia Hendrickson

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