Guillotine Mack racially abused by homeless – TNT News Exclusive

Following his unfortunate week in which he lost his job after filming Corrie’s Tina O’Brien in a harmless 33-second video prank, Guillotine Mack was back on the streets of Manchester doing what he loves – “helping people, making people happy”. TNT went along to observe how he does this precisely.

Guillotine (Westley Wainwright) regularly films himself with unsuspecting strangers, including celebrities, in his day to day life, before documenting the encounters on his Facebook page with now over 14.6k followers.

After buying freshly-made Caribbean hot meals, to feed the homeless people living on the streets in dispersed camps of the city centre, Guillotine was the victim of an unprovoked racial attack.

As the 31-year-old parked his car near a homeless white couple he intended to feed and talk to on Oxford Road, the woman shouted “You n***a, b*****d!”.

Puzzled and curious about her motive, Guillotine approached the couple to ask “is there anything else I can help you with or make you comfortable?”

“Some money”, the woman responded, after her partner had already received some food for them both.

“I’m going to try and get you some money, don’t you worry about that. I’m going to try and get you some money”, Guillotine assured her.

Before bidding the couple farewell, Guillotine curiously asked, “Do you still think I’m a n***a?”, to which she said “I don’t speak English”.

“But you knew what n***a was though, didn’t you? Maybe you shouldn’t judge people and things might be a little bit different”,

The incident came after Guillotine had purchased and brought food from Caribbean outlets, Dougy’s, Chicken Run and Gourmet Rasta – all for the homeless camps.

Having begun feeding the homeless settlers with pitched tents off London Road near Piccadilly rail station, Guillotine then progressed towards Oxford Road where more people were gathered along the pavement.

With an abundance of light humour, selfies with the homeless and ordinary pedestrians shouting out his name, it is easy to see how precisely Guillotine’s popularity in the face of the recent events has increased.

In response to Tina O’Brien’s “Please can you f*** right off” and then losing his job, Guillotine has created a single which is available on iTunes for only £0.59.

The single, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is My Job’, has already had over 92k views and up to 3.3k shares.

Commenting on the ‘beef’ between the Corrie star and Guillotine, Lungi Kwesa wrote, “And I thought bugzy vs chip was entertaining…the track is HARD mate”.

All the money from the sales of the single, is going to charity, Guillotine told TNT. “I even asked Tina [O’Brien] to choose a charity of her choice. She tweeted ‘Ok I will do’”, and then later “It was down; I don’t know where that [tweet] went”. She then reposted a charity but didn’t say if it is the charity she wants. She is doing it indirectly…that’s not good enough”.

If you know anyone in need of financial help then get in touch with TNT, as Guillotine wants to donate the money to someone who is in real need of help.

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