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Halle Berry to ‘move on’ after divorce


Halle Berry aims to ‘Move on’  from her failed marriage by moving out of the home she shared with former husband Olivier Martinez. The 49-year-old actress is planning to leave the Los Angeles home following two years of marriage with the French actor.

Halle and Olivier confirmed their mutual separation with a joint statement on the 27th of October, as the pair stated that they had grown apart and that they will be doing their best to remain civil for the sake of their 2-year-old son Maceo.

A source close to Halle Berry has stated “Halle always sells the houses she lived in with a guy after the relationship falls apart. She hates being surrounded by the memories and leftover energy”. The star also relocated after her divorce with David Justice in 1997 and Eric Benét in 2005.

An undeclared source that was close to the couple believes that Olivier forced the divorce after feeling emasculated by Berry’s widespread success, they have remarked “Everything about her emasculated him: she was beautiful, iconic, employed and the breadwinner. They were living off her and that enraged him- there was a duality there”.

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Photo credit: Alexandra Horn

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