Handmade Chopper-style Bicycles

Markos Zounzouras is a man from Greece whose company, Inox Imagine, makes bespoke ‘Chopper’-style bicycles, drawing from his own experience working with iron and steel.

Markos explained to us how he hopes to turn his hobby into a profession: “The love I had for Chopper motorbikes was already known to my family and friends.

“A very good friend of mine put the idea to me to design and construct a bicycle from scratch – similar to the Chopper motorbikes – and send it to a bike show taking place here.

“The innovative idea behind the Imagine Bike stole the attendees’ attention, regardless of their age, and that was the point at which I realised how much I wanted to continue working with the bikes.”

Like the iconic Chopper motorcycles, the bikes are designed so that they ride low to the ground and usually have extended forks, giving them a long front end.

“It represented a unique opportunity for me to create a special kind of bike that attracts everyone’s attention.”

According to Markos, the most difficult part of every build is the rim of the wheel as it has to be made to order to achieve the proper width, depending on each client’s preference. An Imagine Bike can take up to two weeks to complete.

Markos continues: “The two-week time-frame is pretty much logical since each customer’s preferences and choices differ.

“I always show them some designs that are already completed but everyone wants their bike to be unique, so I start all over again.”

The construction cost starts from around £700 and varies depending on the design.

He may be situated in Greece but don’t worry, Imagine Bikes can be delivered throughout the UK as well! For more info, drop Markos an email at:  inox.imagine@gmail.com

TNT News Zenia Mamaletou

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