Happy Days at Royal Exchange Theatre

Winnie is at the centre of a land-filled mound, staying put and seeing all. She punctuates her days with reassuring rituals that elevate her mood and bring optimism to this stark, unyielding landscape.

Her mirror, spectacles, and toothbrush all conjure memories and snatches of ancient conversation; a long-forgotten world projected on to life’s detritus. For Winnie, this is going to be a happy day, armed with her lipstick and a gun.

Royal Exchange Associate Artist Maxine Peake takes on the role of Samuel Beckett’s enigmatic heroine, Winnie, in Artistic Director, Sarah Frankcom’s fresh production of Happy Days.

This life-affirming twentieth century classic continues to interrogate the complexity of our rapidly-changing world, from our everyday struggles to the epic issues of humanity, making this existential masterpiece as relevant as ever.

David Crellin joins Maxine on stage in the role of Willie. The show runs in the Theatre from 25 May – 23 June.

Maxine Peake is an acclaimed actor, writer and an Associate Artist at the Royal Exchange. Her most recent work here includes A Streetcar named Desire, The Skriker, and Hamlet, all of which were created in partnership with director Sarah Frankcom.

Her writing credits include: The Last Testament of Lillian Bilocca; BErryl and Queens of the Coal Age. Peake’s film credits include Funny Cow (EOne) which will is out in cinemas in April. Mike Leigh’s latest film Peterloo, The Theory of Everything and The Falling. Her television credits include Three Girls, The Village and Silk all for the BBC.

David Crellin returns to the Royal Exchange theatre following his roles in The Mighty Walzer, Hunger for Trade and Saturday Night, Sunday Morning. Other recent theatre credits include: The Weald (Royal Exchange and Snuff Box); The Ockerbys on Ice (The Dukes Lancaster) and The Hoard Festival (New Vic, Stoke).

Sarah Frankcom is the Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre.

The creative team includes Designer Naomi Dawson, Lighting Designer Jack Knowles and Sound Designer Claire Windsor.

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Photo Credit: Royal Exchange Theatre

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