Happy Monday’s Julie Gordon voices the importance of vocals

Vocalist, mother and business owner Julie Gordon came into TNT’s offices to chat about her online business, the music industry and how contemporary musicians can stay authentic.

Famously known as the vocalist from Manchester band ‘Happy Mondays’, Julie boasts a successful journey through her music, and although she is busy helping fledging artists get onto the platform they need, she still holds the verve for singing and performing.

“I’m a big fan of Ben Mellor and I’m honoured that he has asked me to guest [perform] for his event on 14 July at Gullivers [Manchester]. I have never been before but I do believe it’s a very interesting venue”, Julie gushed excitedly.

Speaking to TNT, in an interview imbued with her spirited personality, Julie cited a need for artists to recognise that their voice is bigger than the music and emphasised that more focus is needed on that.

As she admitted that for artists discovering themselves, it is hard to put their music out there. However “the voice can capture a beat of a drum, the sound of the base; let’s strip away the noise and open this vocal box. The voice is the greatest instrument we have”, Julie explained.

The Mancunian vocalist added that: “We are a society that is always inspired by key writers of the past and present but the content coming through can be misinterpreted and there is a lot riding on what we write and say”.

“Much of the work is lost within the music. People are driven by beats, compositions and sounds. I think that voices are the greatest instruments of all time”, she concluded.

Julie has been invited by Manchester’s performance poets Chris Jam and Shirley May to headline their event on 21 July. The details are to follow and TNT will keep you updated.

The bubbly singer will be performing live at Gullivers on Thursday 14 July.

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