Harpurhey halts new BBC programme

Local councillors in Harpurhey have reacted furiously to proposals of a new documentary, similar to 2013’s ‘People Like Us’.

Local groups in Harpurhey have been approached by London-based Garden Productions TV about a new BBC documentary looking at how “lively individuals and families spend their money”. They want to look at “families who manage to work out how to live on benefits where they’ve got a great lifestyle and they’re not having to count every penny”.
MP Graham Stringer and local councillor Joanne Green are having none of it though and have written to the Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall, demanding that tax payers should not be funding this programme.
Graham Stringer said, “We have learnt our lesson about these programmes that come and misrepresent and mislead local people. We had to go up to BBC HQ to get ‘People Like Us’ stopped. We will do the same with this one.”
Ms Green added, “I don’t trust these London TV companies one bit. They promise the earth at the beginning and then trash our areas. They are not wanted in Harpurhey.”

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