Heartbroken mum spent 16 days with baby’s body

A grieving mother was able to spend 16 days with her dead baby girl, even taking her for walks in a pram.

Charlotte Szakacs’ daughter Evlyn was kept in a refrigerated ‘cuddle cot’ at the hospice where she died at four weeks, allowing her parents to come to terms with their loss.

‘I know it might not be the best option for everyone but for us it was so important to be able to have that family time – and just properly cuddle our little girl’, Mrs Szakacs said.

Evlyn was born weighing 5lb 5oz but a chromosome abnormality left her with an undeveloped brain, along with a narrow aorta and airways.

She died in the arms of Mrs Szakacs, 21, and her husband Attila, 28, at Martin House Hospice in Wetherby, Yorkshire on 10 January.

Now that news of the couple’s loss has spread across the country, many have shared their sorrow and messages of comfort.

Mrs Szakacs did not get to see her baby for 7 hours after she was born, or hold her for 3 days.

‘We got to hold her and cuddle her properly for the first time for an hour before they turned off the ventilator’, she said.

‘She passed away just a couple of minutes after they took out her breathing tube. She was so weak she didn’t take a single breath. I was holding her in my arms as she went and her dad had his arms around us both’.

The couple from York were able to take Evlyn’s body out of her special cot ‘for five to ten minutes for cuddles’ and for walks. They also took the cot home, and Evlyn spent the night before her funeral in January in her parents’ room.

‘I would love to have her here’ her mother added. ‘At least now she isn’t suffering’.

The hospice said: ‘Our emphasis is always on the family’s wishes’.

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