Heaton Park play area to be revamped

Clean City funding is set to improve the popular attraction of Heaton Park play area in the forthcoming months, in a full refurbishment. All of the current pieces of play furniture will be completely replaced or restored and a small extension will be added to the play area in order to accommodate for some new additions.

One of the play area’s main attractions, a ten-metre high tower slide, will be entirely rebuilt during the refurbishment. In addition a key addition to Heaton Park’s play area offerings will be inclusive play pieces, with basket swings capable of supporting wheelchair users and a brand new roundabout, which will also have full disabled access.

Heaton Park was given a £600,000 investment through City Clean funding. This sum was allocated, in part, to Heaton Park from a one-off dividend paid to the city council, as part owners of Manchester Airport Group.

Some of this money has already been used to improve footpaths, bins and benches and to install a new toilet block at the Farm Centre. The play area will be improved and refurbished in time for the summer.


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Photo credit: Andrew Tatlow

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