Heatwave sparking swarms of flying ants

The attack of the flying ants happens once a year and it seems some swarms have already arrived.

Around this time of year, ants pack up and leave their homes to find new mates in a new location – all made possible by the growth of a pair of wings.

The ants will only possess the ability to fly for a day. However, since different ant colonies choose to fly at different times, we may notice the swarms around for several weeks.

Here at TNT, we’ve already spotted a few of the unfamiliar insects in our toilets.

During hot and dry weather is the ideal time for the ants to take flight, so the heatwave that’s currently amongst us is likely to have something to do with the sightings.

It’s also been reported that flying ants have been known to distract seagulls, desperate to eat as many of them as possible. The birds have one goal when they pounce on the insects, paying no attention to anything in their path.

So this is not just a warning to be on the look-out for swarms of flying ants over the next few weeks, but also to be aware of reckless seagulls.

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Photo credit: GLady

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