Homeless charity praises Manchester’s donations


Manchester residents are being praised for their generosity that “knows no bounds” after donating over two tonnes of clothes to charity.

Homeless charity Mustard Tree is celebrating the goodwill of the city’s residents after the results of The Empty Shop’s ten day stint in the Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre were revealed.

This year’s donations beat last year’s by thousands with 8,225 items of clothing being donated by the public and 14 high street brands donating £42,000 worth of clothing.

The fundraising was able to continue after the closure of the shop thanks to the sheer amount and quality of some of the clothes. The higher-end pieces were sold in Ziferblat on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter, raising a further £860 with over 200 people in attendance.

Adrian Nottingham, CEO of Mustard Tree, said: “We are thrilled with how The Empty Shop has grown from last year, not only with more clothes being donated, but also of a fantastic quality. This has enabled us to organise a separate sale of the higher-end personal donations and brand donations we have received which will raise even more funds for Mustard Tree to help the most vulnerable members of the city.

“The resulting donations of clothing will give us the opportunity to offer immediate relief to people in need as well as much needed resources to drive the ongoing work of delivering long-term solutions.”

David Allinson, Centre Director at the Manchester Arndale, said: “The boost in donations this year proves that the generosity of Manchester shoppers knows no bounds. Our partnership with Mustard Tree and Clarke Gough on The Empty Shop has been very successful – not only as an award-winning event but also as something that has served to bring brands, businesses, famous names and shoppers together to benefit a very worthy cause.”

TNT News Siobhan White

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