Homelessness among black people rises under Tories

Black people now account for up to 40 percent of all homeless households in England. This is despite being just 15 percent of the population.

Homelessness among ethnic minorities has reached the highest level in more than a decade. It has rocketed since the Tories took office, a report revealed.

A new analysis of official statistics shows 5,030 black and minority ethnic (BAME) households were categorised as homeless. This was between July and September 2016 – up from 3,310 during the same period in 2010.

It means the number of BAME households being accepted as homeless has risen four times faster than among other groups.

The Conservatives came into office in 2010. Between the summer of 2010 and the summer of 2016 homelessness among BAMEs increased by 52 per cent. This was in comparison with 13 per among people classed as “White British”.

Research published in 2016 by the Runneymede Trust, revealed African and Afro-Caribbean British people are nearly five times more likely to be homeless compared to their white counterparts.

It analysed homeless figures from 33 boroughs and highlighted how our housing crisis was “disproportionately” affecting black people.

African and Afro-Caribbean British people are 4.6 times more likely to have been accepted as “homeless and in priority need” by their local authority compared to their white counterparts.

A year on from the publication of the findings, the Trust says that local authorities and policy makers are still struggling to understand and deal with an aspect of a problem that is too often hidden from media attention.

Labour has said the figures were a direct result of Government spending cuts falling disproportionately on minority communities.

“It’s no surprise that when you take money out of the homes of African Caribbean and Asian and Minority ethnic women, the end result will be more BAME people being made homeless,” Dawn Butler MP, the Shadow Minister for Diverse Communities said.

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