Hometowns Tour

The quaint Northern Quarter pub, The Castle Hotel, was the venue that was home to the first gig of the long-awaited ‘Hometowns Tour’.

On a Sunday evening in a pub deeply cemented with the city’s vibrant music scene, David Gorman headlined the show, like the name suggests, in his hometown.

Supporting him were fellow friends and musicians, Alx Green, Joel Gardner and The Healing.

Independently funded, the four artists are travelling around the country showcasing their unmissable talent in their hometowns.

Manchester saw David take centre stage on 22 January, just as Macclesfield saw Joel Gardner headline the second gig in Mash Guru the next day. Performing in Y Pentan in Mold, The Healing was the headline act and Chester-born Alx Green will no doubt steal the show at his headline gig at Telford Warehouse.

The small and humble venue of The Castle Hotel was only enhanced by the stage’s set up. Covered in twinkling lights, the atmosphere was as pleasing to the eye as the music was to the ears.

Starting the show, Alx Green wowed the crowds with his array of original songs. The percussion play on his guitar was particularly effective in creating the mellow and soulful sound the night promised.

Joel Gardner and his accompanying guitarist soon followed with his acoustic and folk-like performance. The finger-picking guitar style and use of the Mississippi stomp box at foot continually demonstrated the sheer level of talent and added to the thriving enthusiasm of the audience.

The Healing, playing on both guitar and sound box took to the stage next. The emotional rendition of their original song ‘Oh Father’ was particularly memorable.

Finally, David Gorman took centre stage. Armed with incredible talent and charisma, David showcased his original songs. ‘Another Midnight’, taken from his upcoming EP was, and will continue to be, a personal favourite.

Accompanied by Awen Blanchford, a talented cellist, David sang his songs to a crowd who sung them right back. The intimate room intensified the sense of support amidst the crowd. With a mixture of friends, family and avid supporters, it truly felt like an honourable to be a part of the incredible tour.

TNT Entertainment Alexia Hendrickson

Photo Credit: Brendan Clayton Photography

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