Hough End Leisure Centre puts fitness firmly on the map

The long anticipated wait is finally over, yes its finally finished, Hough End Leisure Centre has arrived.  Amongst a flurry, a mini stampede, all roads lead to this remarkable venue that somewhat adorns Princess Parkway.

The buzz was electrifying and friendly, this complex was definitely well thought out, a welcome contribution to the community as it seemed everyone was acknowledging new and lost friends and devouring the special introductory offers.

Situated on Princess Road – next to Hough End playing fields – Hough End Leisure Centre cut its ribbon and opened its shiny glass doors today to the public.

On what borders Whalley Range and Chorlton this brand spanking new health and sports centre is bound to draw the fitness-crazed personality in you.

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), the charitable social enterprise that runs Manchester’s Better sport, leisure and cultural facilities, is the organisation behind this new centre. Born from what was essentially a car park and rugby playing fields, the building has been erected on Manchester City Council’s grounds.

Manchester City Council’s Councillor Rosa Battle said, “A lot of hard work and planning has gone into creating Hough End” before adding “It’s the vibrant energetic atmosphere only the local community can bring that will breathe life into the building”.

This spells good news for the community living in the south west and indeed entire south of the city. There are 3 floors to the complex. There is a 25 metre-long six-lane swimming pool and a 17 metre-long leaner pool on ground floor. Two squash coats plus a multipurpose space room for yoga, zumba and extreme interval training – also known as ‘Insanity’ – on the second floor.

The third floor holds a state-of-the-art gym with 90 stations and a lot of room.

Anyone signing up today will get a discounted membership price of £23.99 a month as opposed to £29.99 a month after today. This price includes access to all facilities in the centre, however if you wish to only use the gym and pool then it is £18.99, with additional costs for squash court bookings.

In an attempt to consider the community’s varying needs, Hough End will also have women-only swimming, steam and sauna periods between 11 to 12 noon on Tuesday and Thursday. During school holidays, the centre will have swimming sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Over 50s and 60s have discounted membership

Additionally, if you have active membership at either Manchester Aquatics Centre, East Manchester Leisure Centre or Moss Side Leisure Centre, you are entitled to use the Hough End Leisure Centre at no extra cost.

The question that’s was on everyone’s lips was, how much in total did the building cost? TNT News is still awaiting this information and will keep you up to speed.

For Manchester’s south west residents, this is a gem of a place to not only keep fit but enjoy and love and create a new you.

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