‘House of Ghetto: Black Pride’ set to take HOME by storm

Created by The House of Ghetto, a Manchester-based Vogue House, brings a new, inspiring twist on the stylised Vogue dance movement.

The performative posture of the dance arose from the Harlem ballroom scene of the late 60s. Its popularity grew tremendously throughout the 70s and 80s. In its initial stages, the dance was associated with poor and disenfranchised African American communities, especially gay men. However, over the years it evolved to become fully inclusive to all.

The ‘house’ refers to a collective unit who form the dance troupe. It is often presided by a lead choreography or art director, referred to as a ‘mother’.

In its debut at Manchester’s HOME, audiences will see comprises of six portraits and associated visual material of the genre.

A black primer will be used as both a backdrop to the performance as well as an exaggerated flesh tone. What is deemed as ‘not a colour itself’ but rather ‘the absorption of all colours’. The performance will see the addition of the six colours of the LGBT Pride flag (red, orange yellow green, blue, violet). Together it will create Black Pride.

The distinctive hairstyles on display will incorporate African Diaspora hair weaves with the myriad of LGBT colours.

Celebrating black, gay culture, ‘The House of Ghetto’ aims to showcase beauty through dance, video, fashion and photography

Curated by award-winning choreographers Darren Pritchard and Bren O’Callaghan, the dance performance will show from 7 April – 15 June 2017.

TNT Art & Culture

Photo Credit: HOME

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