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Husband jailed for murdering pianist wife

A musician has been jailed for life for the murder of concert pianist Natalia Strelchenko. It is believed that he resented the profound success in which his wife had attained throughout her career.

Double bass player and 48-year-old John Martin strangled his 38-year-old wife on their second wedding anniversary, at their home in Manchester. She suffered 76 injuries as Martin threw both her and himself down the stairs, before punching her repeatedly.

Originating from Norway Martin, who was convicted on Friday 18 March, has been ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years. The judge at Manchester Crown Court, Mrs. Justice Laura Cox, told him that it had been a “brutal, sustained and unprovoked attack”.

The trial heard that he beat Ms. Strelchenko after losing his temper at their home in Newton Heath on 30 August. A friend, who had been lodging with the couple, described how Martin went for his wife “like an animal”. When the female guest pleaded with Martin to stop, he brutally exclaimed “I want to kill her’’.

After police arrived at their home he repeatedly said “Kill me, kill me please, I have nothing to live for, I do not deserve to live”. His pleas were filmed on an officer’s bodycam.

Martin had served a prison term in Norway for assaulting Ms. Strelchenko on two previous occasions.

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Photo credit: Gistgisttv

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