I Hate Valentine’s Day

“My Valentine’s evening will be with the kids tonight,” said Nia.

“I’m out with Roman, I really like him but he can sometimes be too in love wid he red self, he best know I’m the princess in the relationship,” said Lela.

Sipping on his herbal tea at Miss Browns Coffee House on Chapletown Road, Steele said, “I’m not out with Dior tonight, I’m home like you Nia, with all my kids. Both my baby-mothers have dates.”

“And you’re out with Sharn, B?” Sasha turned to Benjamin.

“No she got back with her baby-father, she said it was better for the kids so she’s gonna try again with him.” He sighed, raising his cup to his mouth.

“Oh Ben, I’m so sorry.”

“So who you with tonight?” Lela asked.

“Myself.” Ben said.

“You know, this is why I hate Valentine’s Day, it makes you feel so inadequate if you don’t have someone to share it with,” said Lela.

“And the pressure of it all,” Nia added.

“Yeah, everyting a ride pon di one St Valentine’s Day to show you love dat one special person but it allows you to disregard the other 364 days of the year a foolish-niss,” Knight said.

“You seeing Mr Max Lowman tonight?” Lela asked, turning to Sasha.

“Yeah, he’s taking me out.”

“Well just be careful with him,” Lela warned.

“Yeah if you’re getting serious wid bad-man, us man will have to have words with him,” Knight added, pushing the sugar bowl towards Nia’s outstretched hand.

“Yeah I’m with the boys on this one, you was bun bad by him last time,” said Nia, spooning sugar into her steaming mug of tea.

“Yeah and she a go back fi part two!” Lela said.

“No, no, he’s changed!” Sasha insisted.

“Hmmmm.” Lela was not convinced.

“No offence empress, but once a dog always a dog,” said Knight.

“Yup, a leopard never changes it spots,” added Nia.

“What is with this guy anyway? He’s so full of crap. Remember how he would arrange to meet you and never turn up?” Steele said.

And it would be the only thing you would ever chat bout on di phone, at dinner or wherever we all would meet up. You would just obsess,” Lela reminded them all.

“Look, I know you’re all looking out for me and that’s what we, The Six do. We have each other’s backs. And I know Max was a d*** before, but I’m telling you, he’s changed and it’s all good now.”

The Six were not convinced.

“I think you should have heard what The Black Coffee had to say to you at Nia’s fashion show, I had a good feeling about him,” said Steele.

“He was with his woman!” Sasha exclaimed, incredulously.

“We don’t know if she was his woman, she could have been anyone. You didn’t even hear the man out,” said Lela.

Sasha shot her a dark look.

“Anyway, we better kick out of Miss Brown’s Coffee House. We all need to get home to get ready for tonight and I’m on double duty,” Knight said.


Back at Sasha’s pad after dinner, the vocalist Meshell Ndegeocello was setting the mood with ‘Let me have you’ and Max Lowman was starting to put it on.

A knock at the door interrupted the foreplay.

Sasha went to investigate.

“How did you get through the main entrance?” She asked, shocked and confused.

“Remember you gave me the code when I came over?”

It was The Black Coffee, aka Mr Sterling Freeman, with a dozen red roses, chocolates and a bottle of champagne.

“F***, I hate Valentine’s Day!”

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