“I pledge to support community-owned energy in Greater Manchester”

People from across Greater Manchester are coming together to support community-owned renewable energy.

A number of community groups are looking to put power back in the hands of local people by setting up renewable energy projects where communities are in control and profits are used to benefit local people and the environment.

You can support these groups and show your love for community energy by reading about and signing the pledge at http://gm-communityenergypledge.org.uk/#form

Community energy is important because we need to rethink the way we generate and use energy, if we want to tackle serious issues such as fuel poverty and climate change.

Our energy supply is currently dominated by six big energy companies which are making huge profits from high energy prices and keeping us hooked on dirty energy.

Community energy helps to break the strangehold of the Big Six by putting local people in control of their energy and using any profits to benefit the communities they live in.

These community energy schemes will generate green electricity, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change.

The schools and community buildings which take part in the schemes save money on their energy bills.

Local people can invest in the schemes through a community share issue and receive an annual return on their investment.

What’s more is that, the projects support the local economy by using installers and suppliers in Greater Manchester where possible.

Any surplus profits will be used to fund local projects for the benefit of the community.

Why sign the pledge?

Amongst many reasons, signing the pledge shows that you support the work of these community energy groups or are interested in investing in them.

Your endorsement shows politicians that people want more community-owned renewable energy in Greater Manchester. The more people that support the projects, the more likely it is that they will be able to go ahead.

You’ll be updated via email on the projects and will be informed when the shares go on sale.

Examples of local organisations involved with this scheme are Firmstart at St Wilfrid’s Enterprise Centre in Hulme, Wesley Community Furniture, Hulme Community Garden Centre, and St John’s Sunshine in Old Trafford, Brunswick Parish Church and Levenshulme Inspire.

More information can be found at http://gm-communityenergypledge.org.uk/

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