‘I want England to lose because they have black footballers’

A caller to popular radio station LBC has sparked widespread outrage after saying he wants England football team to lose in the World Cup because it has black footballers.

The caller, Ian, told Kevin Maguire that he “totally disapproves” of Britain’s multiracial society, and that the England team “doesn’t represent” him.

“In fact, it represents everything I’m against,” he said.

Kevin said the multiculturalism has made England “more vibrant”. Ian denounced this and said when England was just a white society it was just as vibrant.

Kevin reminded Ian that England is “a migrant country [with] French, Roman, German tribes, Irish.” Ian replied: “You’re quite right; they were all white people.”

“Ah, is that your issue?”, Kevin asked. To which Ian replied: “Well, of course.”

He also said that there were “far too many” black people on television. He added this when asked if he “could not laugh at Lenny Henry because he’s got a black face.”

But Kevin was not going to let him off that easily.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked.

“So do you want England to lose today?”

Ian’s response: “Yes.”

“What, because you’re so obsessed by race and your bigotry, and your prejudice is so poisonous you want England to lose?” said Kevin.

“I just hate seeing my country destroyed by multiracialism and anything that represents multiracialism,” Ian replied.

Kevin gave Ian some advice before ending the conversation.

“I’d just go and make yourself a nice cup of tea, take it into a darkened room, get a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and put them on your head, and just reflect on what you’re saying.”

More than half of the England football team is from different racial backgrounds. Many, including the manager Gareth Southgate, are proud of the team and what its multiracial players represent in modern Britain. Ian and his racist views are unlikely to change that.

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Photo Credit: LBC


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