I Wish I Had A Moustache returns to Contact

Written by and starring Keisha Thompson

Directed by Martin Stannage

Produced by Reece Williams.


“How much are we willing to consciously change about ourselves before the soul disowns us?”

This was one of the many thought-provoking questions rhetorically asked by Mancunian poet Keisha Thompson on Tuesday 5 May.

Contact Theatre opened its doors once again to the innovative and profound one- woman showcase I Wish I Had A Moustache for just two nights.

Performing to a sold out audience, writer, poet and actor Keisha Thompson took to the stage to deliver an extraordinary coming- of- age story that explores beauty, gender anxieties and the taboo subject of body hair.

Dressed in simple jogging bottoms and pumps, Thompson successfully captivated an audience of over 100 and guided us on a Socratic journey of defining “female beauty” and the pressures young women face trying to obtain that coveted look.

The journey was powerful and the delivery extremely strong as we were greeted with elements of smiles and laughter. Keisha comically reminded women of the effort and endurance of applying shaving cream, whilst exploring the hardships and high-school taunts of those who dared to be different.

The audience laughed in appreciation and agreement when Thompson slammed the acceptance of male body hair and the notion that we should endorse beauty stereotypes. She mixed things up with  weird and wonderful attributes from her own version of The Price Is Right and a clip from The Jerry Springer Show but for all the joviality there was still a harsh undertone throughout the production; the sad truths that forced the audience to question their perceptions on beauty.

The end of the production presented a monologue peppered with beautiful poetry that only further credited Thompson’s writing talent and ability to enthral an audience with her spoken word.  More than just an act of reading from a script, there was something very genuine and real about Keisha’s performance that confirmed she was speaking from the heart and from experience.

The controversial idea to explore the modern day feminist and the correlation with body hair was entertaining and insightful and a staple topic for many young women.

TNT Theatre Review Leanna Smith

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