#IAM2015: Let’s end Islamophobia in Manchester

In an effort to combat Islamophobia and fight misconceptions about Muslims in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks, MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development) is organising an event on Thursday 26 November 2015.

MEND is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards enhancing the active engagement of British Muslim communities in the country, particularly in the fields of politics and the media.

With doors opening at 6pm at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour at Manchester Town Hall, the event will start at 6.30pm and will include a list of 6 key speakers from local authorities. Scheduled to speak on strategies to tackle the xenophobia, the list includes:

1. Jim Battle – Deputy Police Crime Commissioner of Greater Manchester

2. John Morgan – General Secretary of Manchester NUT (National Union of Teachers)

3. Yusuf Tai – Regional Manager, MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development)

4. Fiona Worrall – Director of Neighbourhoods, Manchester City Council

5. Inspector Mustafa Mohammed – President, National Association of Muslim Police

6. Yousef Dar – Greater Manchester Community Safety Forum.

Working with other Muslim and non Muslim organisations, MEND try to ensure Islamophobia is regarded as socially unacceptable as anti-Semitism and other forms of racism and xenophobia.

This event chaired by Azad Ali, Head of Community Development at MEND, will be seeking to achieve this by shedding light on the rising tide of Islamophobia.

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