Idris Elba dismisses ‘black’ novelty in James Bond saga

Idris Elba has called out people who insist the next James Bond be a black actor. Idris suggested that his name is only proposed because he is black. And not because he could be right for the role.

‘It’s interesting that the James Bond thing continues to go,’ he said.

‘I think it’s more about “we just want to have a black guy play James Bond.” Rather than “Idris Elba, the actor, play James Bond”. That’s the part that I’m like “ugh, come on.”

Idris, who has become a British acting icon and is beloved by many, has been linked to the 007 character. Bond has been played on screen by six different actors over six decades.

‘Are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male?’ he added, speaking to Variety.

‘It could be a woman – could be a black woman, could be a white woman. But I think, that character, everybody would like to see it have…. do something different with it, why not?’

Daniel Craig is currently preparing to slip into Bond’s tuxedo for the final time. Craig is leaving at the end of his fifth turn as agent 007, 13 years after stepping into the role.

Rumours have been swirling as to his replacement, with frontrunners including Idris, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and James Norton.

Norton has denied he’s up for the role (of course), telling pundits to put their money back in their pockets. Betting agencies had placed him as the pick of the litter.

He told Radio Times: ‘The truth is that it’s total speculation.

‘It’s really humbling and flattering,’ he added. ‘To have my name [rumoured] next to the likes of Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender is just mad.

‘If you’re thinking of putting a bet on me, keep your money in your pocket,’ he said.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently admitted she would welcome a new James Bond of any sex or race.

‘These films tend to reflect the times so we always try to push the envelope a little bit. Anything is possible,’ she said.


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