Internet peril?

This year, the World Wide Web will have been around for 26 years. In this time the internet has dramatically changed the way we work and play. Not only can you access information for school or work but there is also the down side of being able to search for everything and anything from porn to making bombs. This makes me ask; do we need the internet? Why is there so much crime and sexploitation so readily available, all at our fingertips in an instant?

Before the internet, when you left school or work for the day that was it. As soon as your homework was done you were free to meet up with your friends or chat with your family, knowing that you wouldn’t be doing anymore work that day.

These days, social media plays the largest part in most people’s lives- arguably even more so than work or school. What are the positives? Keeping in contact with family and friends? But is that really what we’re doing? Or are we simply speaking at a screen, unable to feel, judge moods or truly engage?

It is the downsides of the internet that leave ‘cyber children’ unable to sense both what was once perceived as obvious danger or the sickening dangers of today.

Now, with the internet being such a big part of our lives, it is almost impossible to get away from technology. As long as you have internet access you are constantly getting new emails and updates on everything you have to do. You can’t get away!

Should we praise or ban technology? If you were to stop looking at your phone, laptop, PC or tablet for a few hours a day would you be a quivering wreck ‘needing’ to know what’s trending or would you enjoy a real conversation with actual people?

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