Investigation launched after Mariah delivers botched performance – Watch

Mariah Carey’s team have launched a full investigation following the singer’s ‘botched’ New Years Eve performance.

The R&B singer was performing during a televised New Years Eve performance when she encountered problems. The ABC aired performance was deemed by many viewers to be ‘embarrassing’ for the singer.

A smooth delivery was prevented when after performing Auld Lang Syne Carey complained that she could not hear. Carey then struggled to soar through 1991 No1 hit, ‘Emotions’ and even abruptly stopped singing at times.

Carey announced that vocals from the backing track were ‘missing’. To resolve the error she voiced that she would ‘let the audience sing’.

Terribly trying to maintain professionalism, Carey asked “I want a holiday too. Can I not have one?”. Carey said she was ‘trying’ to be a ‘good sport’.

She was then awkwardly guided through an off-beat, disorganised routine by her dancers. The singer then terribly lip-synched through her 2005 hit, ‘We Belong Together’. Carey could be heard talking over the pre-recorded performance. 

The supposed ‘technical glitches’ led to an ‘awful’ New Years Eve performance. The singer received major backlash on social media. The news quickly spread through memes which made fun of the performance.

Some viewers believed that Mariah’s true voice had been exposed. Despite the mishap some members of the local online community believe that Carey had intended to lip-sync.

The singer’s team have however launched an investigation into the failed performance. Carey’s representative says that production company Dick Clark Productions ‘set her up to fail’.

Mariah’s team say that she is ‘taking hits’ for something she ‘has no control over’. Dick Clark Productions maintain that the claims are ‘absurd’. The company say that an initial investigation found that they had ‘no involvement’.

The less-than inspirational performance has seen Mariah enter the New Year dramatically.

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