Ione Mai: Back in the day

Remember Ione- Mai? The lovely songstress from Manchester whose single Back in the day was easily one of the songs of the summer?

Well that single now has a video to go with it that does a brilliant job of bringing to life what we imagined in our last chat with Ione- Mai.

The Nubian Times caught up with the singer during one a brief break in her busy schedule to talk about the making of the video.

“The video was relatively easy to do because we had a great team. Even with all of the outfit and location changes everything went well. I really enjoyed it, it was amazing.”

The video epitomises the summer (even if it was a brief one) and embodies everything the summer could and should have been.

“I chose a small amount of my friends who I know are lively. It was good because everyone was genuinely using the time to catch up so it all looks dead natural and relaxed.”

Have a watch and listen out for the wicked remix!

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