iPhone 8 leak reveals significant changes

A recent iPhone 8 leak has revealed that significant changes will be made to the flagship phone.

Famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, broke the news of the exciting new changes. The new iPhone – which expected to be unveiled in September 2017 – is believed to be a unique model. It has been reported that radical changes to the iPhone will be made.

Apple has reportedly reinvented the iPhone experience. Apparently, changes will be made to the device’s design, display size, usable screen area and core navigation. Changes will also be made to the phone’s security technology.

Major changes will come to the front of the device. Apple is reportedly planning to remove the home button from its new device. Rumours that the home button would be removed have been circulating for some time.

However, recent reports suggest that this rumour may become a reality. The home button’s fingerprint scanner will be replaced with something completely new. Analyst, Rod Hall reported that a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition will replace the scanner.

Hall says that the facial recognition system will be much more secure in comparison to the fingerprint scanner. The facial recognition will be useful for mobile banking and will be highly reliable – especially in different weather conditions.

Users will be required to hold up the device to their face – less convenient than Touch ID. Hall believes that this new technology will open up new gaming and entertainment experiences.

Other analysts, such as Kuo, report that Apple will replace the physical home button with a ‘function area’. This function area will operate similarly to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. The Touch Bar will adapt to users’ needs.

Apple’s home button and its fingerprint scanner have been innovative and game-changing. They have inspired changes on other smartphones – especially Android devices.

With the removal of the home button, Apple will continue to lead its competitors.

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Photo Credit: EverythingApplePro


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