It’s my fantasy; I’ll see what I want

“Hey bro I’ve got some exciting news…”

“You’re dating”, I said with a nonchalant attitude
“How do you know?”
“What’s he like”, I asked going through the motions
“He’s brilliant, I was really feeling him, it started off a little rough but…”
“What do you mean?”
“Well we went on our first date which was great, when I went home later that night he messaged me, I was so busy talking to my friends telling them how it went I didn’t get back to him straight away. He started sending me messages saying “who you talking to, why you not answering me, what you playing at?” at that point I thought o hell no so I got rid, she said proudly
“Yeah I don’t blame you… psycho – so who you dating now?”
“O the same dude”, she said
“I know but he made it up to me, we talked and he didn’t know what came over him anyway we’ve been dating a week now and I’ve decided he’s my boyfriend”
“What??” I asked again confused.
“I know, I know, but it feels right and I don’t care! It’s my life and I’ll live it how I want!” she exclaimed
“Ok good for you but you really need to be careful”, I stated.
“I know, I know I will”, she responded flipping me off.
“This is your decision sis but please promise me one thing”, I asked
“What?” she asked like she didn’t want to hear it
“You’ll be honest about what you’re doing and what’s going on and please please don’t sleep with him”, I requested.
“I promise and I won’t” she sincerely responded.
“Ok great I’m excited for you, when you seeing him next”
“Err I’m going to visit him in a couple of weeks”
“Where are you going to stay?” I asked
“O no I’m only going for the day”, she said responsibly.
This made me feel good knowing my sister would be safe. My sister, my Mrs and I smiled and joked for the rest of the evening until my Mrs dropped her home.

I didn’t hear from my sister for a while after that but during this time I was told she was going to visit her boyfriend and staying overnight. Rightly or wrongly I was furious; yet again I had been used and manipulated by my sister, telling me what she thinks she should to maintain her control over me whilst telling others something different.
“she can’t have it both ways; trusting and respecting me enough to pick up the pieces of her life when the shit hits the fan but then lying to my face about her intentions”. I told my wife, my wife remain unusually quiet as I continued with my frustration; demanding when my wife has her first child she should teach our child morals and ethics so lies and manipulation is not its first instinct .

I didn’t hear from my sister again until she needed me which was normal in our relationship. I had missed her call one night about a week later when I was chilling with my Mrs. I didn’t want to call back but the responsible big brother voice kicked in; telling me not to be selfish plus I was worried because it was late.
“Hello bro” she fought to speak through her tears
“What’s wrong you okay?” I eagerly asked concerned.
“He’s not for me, he’s not, how can I stay with a man who has lied to me in a whole week we’ve been together. He’s lied about so much and has admitted to so much I can’t stay with him. He sounds controlling; he’s been violent before, if he has done this in the past what makes me so different he won’t do it to me”.
When she had explained what had happened he sounded text book, even using what he had done in the past to manipulate her feelings now.
“What are you going to do?” I asked hoping she was thinking level headed through the emotion
“End it!”
“Are you strong enough?” I enquired.
I wasn’t sure knowing the type of character that had been described I know a lot of guys like this, he’s a slow burner, his intention at the time is good but he’s got so many issues he can’t help himself, he’ll work on her innocence and get her mind to no longer be objective when it comes to who he is or his behaviour. She’s perfect.
I helped her to gather some strength and asked her to call me after she had done it to let me know she’s okay. I stayed up as long as I could waiting for her call, as my Mrs fell asleep I held on to the one eye I had barely left open, I text her to ask her if she is okay, I waited and didn’t hear anything, I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up I woke to a text saying I will call you tomorrow. Two months later I’m still waiting for that call to say yes bro I’m okay. I heard through the grape vine they’re together. And I wish her the best of luck but unfortunately whether the endings good or bad I can’t be used any more; it’s time to bow out, it’s her fantasy let her see what she wants to see and be manipulated.

Four months later I get a phone call from my sister; yet again she’s in tears…
“Bro” she said sheepishly
“What is it, what’s he done”
“Nothing” she responded
“Huh” I said confused
“It’s not him… it’s your wife!”
“I’ve just found out she’s his mum”
“What the…”

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