IVF clinics’ false hope of pregnancy

Women are being given being told false and exaggerated statistics regarding their chances of becoming pregnant.

The IVF treatment from clinics specialising in the procedure with frozen eggs, is at the centre of the findings.

Thousands of women are believed to be considering “social freezing” – the delayed motherhood technique of freezing eggs for non-medical reasons. By doing so, it is hoped that declining fertility rates that often come with age will not diminish the chances of becoming pregnant later in life.

According to an undercover report, women hoping to have children are being told the success rate of the delayed motherhood technique working was as high as 65 per cent despite official figures showing that only around 15 per cent of IVF cycles using frozen eggs are successful.

Adding to this, one doctor said freezing 15 to 20 eggs was an insurance policy. However, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority says that usually one in 50 frozen eggs leads to a baby.

An investigation has since been launched into these findings with IVF pioneer Lord Winston. Lord Winston states that giving women false information was an ‘outrage’.

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Photo Credit: Parents

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