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The majority of us have been there; wanting to go to the gym but feeling sluggish because you have no training partner yet also don’t want on that smells or gives patronising advice.

Meet the Jabra Sports Coach wireless earphones that will tech-nically replace the human coach but give you precise guidance and company.

Already available to buy, they come in three colours; red, yellow or blue. They will set you back £119.99 so you would be justified to expect a high level of quality, and quality is what you will get.

With Dolby sound, you can slam out tunes whilst being coached, whether you happen to favour the smooth and sinuous top notes of Mozart or the pulse-inducing Bonkers of Dizzie Rascal.

Be aware, however, that these earphones are geared up for cross fit exercise coaching, so it’s all about the press-ups, squats and core building stuff. If you’re looking for a weight-lifting coach then this is the wrong Sports Coach for you.

However, the up side to that is that all the exercises can be done at home with barely any equipment – that’s why crossfit is such a popular idea.

So brace yourself folks. There are over 40 different delightful exercises to choose from in the earphones, with most programs lasting about six minutes. Don’t be fooled however, these workouts are an absolute killer. If you feel that six minutes of torture isn’t enough, you can add more or take off reps, and also change the rest periods in between sets of reps.

The earphones sit super comfy in the surroundings of your ear, the sound quality is very good for a pair of fitness-oriented headphones, and the selection of workout programmes is flexible and versatile, plus you can inject some much-needed motivation into your workouts at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a personal trainer.

Admittedly, you’d hopefully get a lot more interaction from a human coach, as there’s no live feedback telling how great or absolutely awful you are at press-ups here.

Even so, the Smart Coach scores as an audio device, with the basic fitness “coaching” adding value. We’ll delve further into this and get back to you with a full review soon.

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