Jailed for manslaughter after assisted suicide help

A 36-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to gross negligence manslaughter has been jailed for 4 years and six months.

Lyndsay Anne Jones of no fixed address, appeared in Manchester Crown Court for her trial and on Friday 3 July 2015 was sentenced to prison.

Miss Jones assisted a man’s suicide – a man who had made two previous suicide attempts – via a heroin overdose.

The victim, Philip James Makinson, was found dead at his flat in Bolton on 1 February 2015, with a subsequent toxicologist report revealing that he had died as a result of a heroin overdose.

Following the death of his sister-in-law and mother in late 2012, Makinson fell into depression over the collapse of his business and the break-up of his relationship.

It was also later discovered that Makinson revealed to a close friend that he still wished to take his own life, but that cutting his wrists had been ‘too painful’. His first suicide attempt in November 2012 involved himself cutting his wrists.

Not wanting to endure the pain, he required the help of a friend, Lyndsay Jones, a woman he knew to be a heroin addict.

He asked Jones to buy him some heroin and to prepare an injection which would bring about a fatal overdose and on 1st January 2013, she did it.

After failed attempts to kill him – partly due to Jones not administering enough heroin in Makinson’s system because she wanted to keep some for herself – Jones was successful and having prepared and administered the injection, she left him to die in his apartment.

Subsequently, Jones panicked about potential evidence left in Makinson’s flat and returned to take his phone, which would contain incriminating text messages.

Within days, Jones told her then partner about what happened. He recorded the conversations on his mobile phone and almost a year later, after the pair had fallen out, he told the police everything.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jackson said: “This was not like the cases of assisted suicide you read about in the media involving men and women with terminal illnesses who decide to end their suffering in a dignified and peaceful manner.

“There was nothing dignified, or peaceful, about Mr Makinson’s death.

“Had her then partner not come forward, the true circumstances of Makinson’s death would never have been revealed, again proving Jones’ selfish motives.”

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