Jailed for stealing £200,000 from elderly relative











A woman who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from an elderly relative’s bank account to fund her lifestyle has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Krista Marie Pennington was found guilty of fraud by abuse of position at Minshull Street Crown court and sentenced earlier this month.

In 2011, Pennington was made deputy to a family member’s estate after they were moved to a nursing home to be nearer to their family. Shortly afterwards, she lost her job and was left unemployed.

Pennington initially borrowed £20,000 from the victim’s account to loan to her son and though she had intended to pay this amount back, her borrowing soon spiralled into severe misuse of the victim’s funds.

Pennington made cash withdrawals, paid debts, gave generous gifts, bought cars and bought camping equipment for holidays – all of which came to a staggering £209,391.24.

Greater Manchester Police’s Detective Constable Neil Tate said: “This was a shameless abuse of trust on a vulnerable elderly woman who suffers from dementia.

“She [Pennington] used the money to buy cars, go on holidays and make shop purchases of tens of thousands of pounds with only a small percentage going to the victim.

“She even took jewellery from her home and sold it to a pawnbroker.

“It is shocking that someone would treat a vulnerable family member in this way by taking enormous sums of money for their own gain, and Pennington is fully deserving of the jail sentence she received.”

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