Jailed terrorist plotter banned from teaching

A science teacher, who was jailed for six years after planning to fight for ‘Islamic State’, has been banned from the classroom indefinitely.

31-year-old Jamshed Javeed of Manchester had bought tickets in order travel to Syria, despite the desperate pleas of his family. He was jailed last year following his admittance to engaging in terrorist preparations. An appeal against his sentence was rejected in December.

Recently, a misconduct panel concluded that Javeed would pose an “unacceptable risk of harm to pupils” if he was aloud to return to teaching. The panel also said that Mr. Javeed “actively promoted religious extremism from a position of trust”.

A trial at Woolwich Crown Court heard that Javeed had been preparing to leave Levenshulme after helping his younger brother Mohammed complete a trip to Syria towards the latter stages of 2013.

Javeed, who taught at Sharples School in Bolton, was in contact with people already in Syria and was given a list of items he would need. However his attempt to flee to Syria was prevented when his family hid his passport. Police arrested him just hours before he was set to leave the UK.

The decision has been supported by Jayne Millions, a senior civil servant who is acting on behalf of Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

The misconduct panel has stated, “The panel has had particular regard for the fact that teachers are role models, and can have significant influence over children and young people. In light of this, the panel considers that should Mr. Javeed be allowed to teach in the future, he would present an unacceptable risk of harm to pupils”.

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