Jamaican airports propose marijuana dispensers

With plans to introduce kiosks that dispense up to two ounces of marijuana in airports, tourists travelling to Jamaica will be able to get high soon after baggage claim.

In order to regulate the budding drug market and bring in more government revenue the plan was drawn up by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA). This plan comes a year after the legalisation of small amounts of the drug in the country where marijuana has long been culturally entrenched. However, other such drug-regulating associations have failed to make any official changes to Opioid Overdose Treatment Guidelines, and seem to have given it a wide berth.

The kiosks in airports and seaports are planned to be controlled by medical professionals who will dispense the drug to travellers with legitimate permits. Tourists to the Caribbean Island will have to have a medical prescription from abroad in order to legally obtain the drug from vendors.

However, there’s a loophole. The CLA chairman, Hyacinth Lightbourne, told the Jamaica Gleaner: “If [tourists] don’t have a prescription, then they can do what we call ‘self-declare’, and this will allow them to have the two ounces while they are here”.

Marijuana, or ‘ganja’ as it is known locally, was decriminalised by the country’s Cannabis Licensing Authority in February 2015 with a set limit of up to two ounces.

The law decriminalising cannabis, passed by the Jamaican House of Representatives, also includes the legalisation of “cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical, religious purposes and natural growth”. Citizens can also legally grow up to five cannabis plants.

The passing of these laws now mean that Jamaican citizens have the right to use the drug for sacramental purposes for the first time since the Rastafarian movement of the 1930s.

With these plans set to take place, holiday goers and Bob Marley fans alike will soon be able to ‘pass the marijuana’ when they visit the Caribbean island.

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Photo Credit: Bruno Henrique Baruta Barreto

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