Jamaican Diaspora to ‘give something back’

The newly-crowned Festival Queens of Jamaica have made a call to the diaspora. They are calling them to help to make a difference and give something back to their homeland.

Under the direction of Jamaicans Inspired UK (JAMIN) descendants of Jamaican-born parents and grandparents will have a unique opportunity. This involves reconnecting them to the island to do something positive for Jamaican communities.

The Queens will team-up with volunteers in the UK and JPAP – The Jamaica Parish Ambassador. JPAP is designed to connect young leaders in the diaspora back to Jamaica.

Nathaniel Peat, said: “This is an opportunity for anyone living in the UK that would like to get involved in social projects in Jamaica but is unsure of how to go about it. JAMIN is a dynamic organisation. The program will give young people in the UK rewarding experiences. It will also help them develop leadership skills and give them the chance to make important business links.”

For example, Dainalyn Swaby, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2017, is heading up a project called Project Learn, Earn, Return. Its mission is to attract young Jamaicans to become entrepreneurs, helping to build and develop the communities they live in. The project will identify opportunities for entrepreneurship among young people – primarily unattached youth. This is so that they are able to create sustainable income and employment for themselves.

Ambassadors in the UK must be between the ages of 18 to 24 and Team Leaders, who will oversee the partnerships must be 25 and over. Team Leaders should expect to get involved with social media campaigns, training and give regular feedback amongst other duties. Ambassadors duties may include fundraising, local radio appearances and assisting at courses and events.

Interested candidates are invited to attend a meeting at the High Commission of Jamaica in London. From 6pm to 9pm.

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