January 2015 – Change must come


Well, they say ‘out with the old in with the new’ but a better way of looking at it would be out with what doesn’t work and always be willing to try something new! Two years might be ‘new’ in this business, but The Nubian Times/TNT News is looking forwards, not back. We have the drive, work ethic and belief that we will continue to improve and continue to bring you the best, most honest take on the news and events from our communities and beyond.

Naturally at this time of year we look at opportunities missed, where we have failed and things we have lost, but do not let it all be in vain. Use that emotion and that energy and channel into opportunities you are going to take, where you are going to succeed and the new people we have gained or are to gain in our lives.

We are still searching for the Chibok girls, we have lost countless young black men to the police, we have seen Ebola strike at the heart of West Africa, war and terror across the globe. But these failures must be used to inspire change and help create our future. What do we want for our future? What must we do? How do we make a perfect world?

We might not have the answers now, but what we must do is challenge wrongdoing as and when it occurs and stand up to those who seek to trample and abuse. People might not have an answer as to how to stop US police forces killing unarmed men, but it has to stop. People might not have an answer to the violence in Gaza and the West Bank, but it has to stop. People might not have an alternative to austerity, but what is clear is that all of these things are wrong and damaging people’s lives, and it’s not enough to sit and wait until you think you have found the right answer, it is vital that we stop these things immediately.

On that note, The Nubian Times is on a campaign to engage with Manchester City Council on vital community issues. We contacted them over three months ago to arrange a mass registration event in Manchester to engage with voters that have lost faith in the importance of voting. The last two months TNT have been informing and feeding the community information to help you decide where to cast your vote. We are still awaiting a response from Manchester City Council on ways to drive more minorities to register to have their say in the General.

Here are our questions to the Council:

  1. How much of the annual departmental press budget has been spent on black media publications in the last five years?
  2. Do all media publication tweets that you are copied into get deleted as ours do? What is the Council’s policy on text deletion?
  3. How much of the procurement spend revenue annually is spent on equal opportunities to support black business?

In order for communities such as the black community to grow, engagement from MCC is a must to bridge the gap and extinguish the divide in minority communities.

An electorally active community is a powerful one. Whether one single vote makes a difference is irrelevant, the fact is communities who vote, have sway. Politicians, councils and governments always pay the most attention to the communities who vote the most; that is perhaps why MCC have been slow to respond to our concerns. If we want change, we have to use what we can to get it. Votes are their language, so votes must be our voice. Page 3 has a quick quiz you can take that can give you a brief idea of the kind of party you should be looking at; feel free to let us know your results. People have their allegiances when it comes to voting, is yours working?

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Finally my new year’s resolution is: Healthy mind, body and soul, starting with Tom Barber routines on page 8! of our printed publication.

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