Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘women-only’ carriages faces backlash – Watch

So Twitter went off in a storm over Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that women-only carriages on trains could stop the sex attacks in the UK on women. The Labour leadership frontrunner said,

“It is unacceptable that many women and girls adapt their daily lives in order to avoid being harassed on the street, public transport, and in other public places from the park to the supermarket.”

Although it is not an actual policy from him, the Islington North MP said in a new policy statement, that the idea of separate travelling arrangements for female passengers would be considered if he was to come in power, if the idea is welcomed by women.

He later added, “My intention would be to make public transport safer for everyone from the train platform, to the bus stop to on the mode of transport itself. However, I would consult with women and open it up to hear their views on whether women-only carriages would be welcome – and also if piloting this at times and modes of transport where harassment is reported most frequently would be of interest.”

Since the news broke early this morning, Corbyn’s #womenonlycarriages has been top of the trending list with strong mixed reviews.

“It’s a fantastic idea. I am talking from personal experience here, and I have been groped many times during rush hour on the train and even if this idea does not stop sickos out there altogether, at least it has got people talking about violence against women. That’s a good thing”, a female support worker from Salford told TNT.

Hannah Jones, a sociologist wrote on Twitter, “Get a grip people. @Corbyn4Leader proposed WOMEN-LED CONSULTATION on #womenonlycarriages in context of a range of measures to end harassment”.

On the opposing side, some women fear that this is segregation of women as opposed to a safety measure. Corbyn’s foe in the Labour leadership race, Yvette Cooper said, “Just got off tube. Majority of passengers women. Why should we have to shut ourselves away to stay safe? Stop #VAWG [Violence against women] instead #segregation”.

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