Joanna Jarjue calls for fair representation on TV regardless of race

The Apprentice star Joanna Jarjue has criticised the way she was presented on The Apprentice last year. The 24-year-old admitted that she often ‘cried’ about it when the cameras stopped rolling.

Joanna narrowly missed out on a place in the final when she was fired by Lord Sugar after the interview round.

The former candidate has now hit out at the show for ‘engineering’ a ‘narrative’ to make her look a certain way.

Joanna tweeted: ‘Was obvious to me what my ‘character’ was going to be & cried about it behind the scenes but was always scared to voice it out of fear of looking like I was playing the ‘race card’.

Glad so many other people have noticed especially after it’s so blatant after the final 5 ep.’

‘I just feel bad for the experts & interviewers on the show who seem to have taken some the wrap for it because it’s a narrative they didn’t create or probably realise was being engineered.

‘Onwards and upwards this is the last I’ll speak of it but something does need to change because it’s not right.’

Another candidate, Bushra Shaikh, responded to her comment in a now-deleted tweet which said: ‘Thank you for noticing. I was too worried about representation throughout. ‘Unfortunately, it is what it is. I was sent packing in week 9…why?

Joanna said: ‘I disagree Bushra. I don’t know what your feelings are towards racism and firings on the show but i don’t think people were fired due to race.

The unfair portrayal of character for entertainment purposes is what has played up to a certain stereotype in my opinion.’ Bushra said: ‘I agree. Firings are nothing to with race.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a pattern with TV, where certain people can be put into a role. I have no answer to that- just that fair representation should always be made.’

A spokesperson from The Apprentice said: ‘We represent candidates in a fair and balanced light, and everything seen on screen is an accurate portrayal of events.’

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