Is your job one of the best in Britain?

A report has predicted that jobs in finance, tax and auditing are amongst the best jobs in Britain.

The report reveals that these jobs will be listed as the top jobs in Britain this year. Jobs site, Glassdoor lists the jobs based on earning potential, jobs satisfaction and the number of openings.

Finance mangers top the list, earning an average salary of £68,000. Tax managers came second on the list, earning an average salary of £59,000. This was followed by and design manager (£55,000) and audit manager (£59,500).

Human resources manager, data scientist, supply chain manager and solutions architect also followed on the list.

Dr Andrew Chamberlain, of Glassdoor, commented on the list. He said, ‘any organisation today with a mobile app, web presence or digitised data is struggling to fill positions’.

Positions such as data scientists, solutions architect and mobile developer roles need to be filled. Finance and tech industries are ‘well represented on the list’.

These two industries remain a major part of British future.

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Photo Credit: stevepb

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